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Click HERE to view The Joint Submission sent to the Honorable  Selena Robinson, BC Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing

The Residential Tenancy Branch

The BC Residential Tenancy Branch
Both tenants and landlords have specific rights and responsibilities in a tenancy. For answers to you tenancy questions or to apply for a dispute resolution visit their website HERE
Or Phone them with your questions at:
604-660-1020 (Lower Mainland)
250-387-1602 (Victoria)
1-800-665-8779 (Elsewhere in B.C.)

Click HERE to view The Manufactured Home Park Tenancy ACT as of February 20, 2019. Between the ACT and the REGULATIONS, it has all the current  information. Both documents refer back and forth to each other so basically one is no good without the other! It makes it clear what it applies to and what it does NOT apply to. Not to be confused with the Residential Tenancy Act which you can view HERE. Landlords and tenants may not avoid or contract out of these Acts or the Regulations. Any attempt to avoid or contract out of this Act or the regulations is of no effect. The law is the law.

Click HERE to view the Manufactured Home Park Tenancy REGULATIONS as of February 12, 2019
Click HERE to view the Manufactured Home Tax Act as of February 20, 2019
Click HERE to visit the Forms Page which landlords are supposed to use
Click HERE to view the July 2019 Guide for Manufactured Home Park Landlords & Tenants in B.C. 
Click HERE to view the Compliance and Enforcement Division 
Click HERE to view the Expedited Hearings Policy
Click HERE to view the Good Faith Policy
Tenant Policy Guidelines (Not every single one applies to us, but many do): Click HERE to view the Policies Alphabetically. Click HERE to view them by number.

BC Manufactured Home Registry
British Columbia is the only jurisdiction in Canada that protects a person's investment in a manufactured home by having a central register of ownership details and controlling the movement of homes within B.C. Visit their website HERE.

BC Assessment
You should always make sure that your assessed value is up to date with the value you have into your home. It may be tempting to save taxes, but if your park is closed for redevelopment and compensation will be due to you, it will be based on the assessed value whether or not it is current. The responsibility is yours. Each municipality has different thresholds for the taxes charged based on the assessed value and it is worth discussing with them what that threshold is. It is not uncommon for the taxes to be identical with an $80K assessment vs a $150K assessment. It can be seen as a type of insurance. Visit BC Assessment website HERE. You can also use the tools on the site to see your neighbors assessments.

Manufactured Housing Association of BC
Since 1972, the Manufactured Housing Association of British Columbia has been the voice of manufactured home dealers, builders, transporters and many suppliers providing service within BC. Visit their website HERE.

The Lower Mainland Manufactured Home Owners Association
The umbrella organization for lower mainland communities including large cities, towns and villages along both banks of the Fraser River, from Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody on the north side and Surrey on the south side up to and including Hope and area. Visit their website HERE.

TRAC - BC Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre
TRAC’s purpose is to promote the legal protection of residential tenants across British Columbia by providing information, education, support and research on residential tenancy matters. Visit their website HERE.

The Law Foundation of British Columbia
To advance and promote a just society governed by the rule of law, through leadership, innovation and collaboration. Visit their website HERE.

Find your MLA
Contact Information for the MLA in your community. Visit their website HERE.

Shelter Aid For Elderly Renters (SAFER)
Lower income seniors renting in the private market may be eligible for a rent supplement through SAFER. Visit their website HERE for more information.

Emergency Preparedness Plans
Find out if Emergency Response management teams are active in your community. They can present and provide information on how to prepare and what to know before, during and after an emergency. For help in creating one you can visit HERE.

Rent Increases
Many home owners are not aware of the fact that the Act states that the "proportional amount" of the increase/decrease means the sum of the change in local government levies and the change in utility fees divided by the number of manufactured home sites in the landlord's manufactured home park;

What this means is that if a utility cost or taxes go down, the landlord must reflect that in the rent increase/decrease. It cannot simply be left blank and not be accounted for. Receipts or statements must accompany a rent increase or be available on request for proportional rent cost increases. You should pay particular attention to this and remember, the landlord must provide these records if you wish to see them.

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