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Working on behalf of the over 37,000 Manufactured Home Owners in BC since 1971. 

We are Lobbying for changes to the Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act to make it more fair for Homeowners and Landlords.
We are in a holding pattern while we await the response from The RTB about the submission for changes to the ACT.
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What we have been up to in 2019

We know the assessed value of homes in the 894 parks in BC totals $3.1 billion vs the assessed value of $2.2 billion for the land those homes sit on. BCMHO felt as home owners we needed a seat at the table when discussing the Act and Regulations that govern the operation of Manufactured Home Communities.

Our representatives met with Premier John Horgan in January 2019 and requested a working group be set up with government staff. The Premier facilitated this request and we met with 2 employees of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing in early April. 

At that meeting we had we discussed the following:

  • Compensation in the event of a park closure: $20,000.00 to disconnect, move and reconnect single wide manufactured homes is not enough. It does not even come close for double wide units.
  • Rent increases: the 2% bonus was originally added to encourage new park development and there have been no new parks opened. In fact at least 12 have closed.
  • Assignment of lease and the fact that many park owners refused to assign leases as they could not raise the rent to the new tenants. 
  • Arbitration: The use of precedents.
  • Park committees and the fact that they are totally controlled by the landlord.

A meeting was set up in mid June to discuss Park rules. BCMHO representatives met with the RTB (Residential Tenancy Branch) Policy Director and a senior Policy Analyst. We discussed Park Rules as well as the issues we discussed at our first meeting. We had many questions and found the answers to those questions would most likely have to be resolved in an arbitration.

Our goal is to minimize the number of arbitration's by having issues clearly defined in the Act itself. Our conclusion was that the Act needs to be clarified!

A Surprising Development...

The Manufactured Home Park Owners Alliance of BC contacted BCMHO to meet regarding ongoing discussions both organizations were having with government.

MHOPABC Directors and ourselves met in July and it was suggested we work together and make a joint submission to the government instead of working independently in an adversarial manner. We felt there were issues we could come to an agreement on. Their organization had already made a submission to the Ministry of Housing and Municipal Affairs in February 2019.

The MHPOABC freely shared the submission they had sent in as well as other information valuable to us. We shared some information with them as well. For instance, among other items they shared with us:

Section 32(4) Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act

This section currently states, “If a park rule established under this section is inconsistent or conflicts with a term in a tenancy agreement that was entered into before the rule was established, the park rule prevails to the extent of the inconsistency or conflict.” 

Basically what this means is that Park Rules trump our tenancy agreements. As a tenancy agreement is a signed contract, its provisions should prevail over those in park rules.They felt this was unjust and have asked that this be changed, which we wholeheartedly agree with.

We decided to work together on issues BOTH organizations could negotiate and reach agreement on. Some issues we were not able to embrace together. We will see what the future holds.

This is a first - at least in the last 22+ years - where a landlord and a tenant organization have joined forces to seek legislation improvements. You will see that there is balance in almost every recommendation - give and take in the best sense.

What are the benefits of discussions with the land owners?

  • Together we both have access to the government officials no matter which government is in power.
  • This has to be a first: MHPOABC and the tenants’ organization, BC Manufactured Home Owners making a joint submission. As you will see, there are both benefits and “losses” for both parties; but we are both 100% committed to our recommendations.
  • Both our Boards of Directors agree that implementation of these recommendations will strengthen our industry, enable Park owners to operate viable businesses, and increase the confidence of home owners that their long term residences are secure and their rights protected. 
  • In developing these recommendations, we have been guided by Premier Horgan’s objective stated last April to modernize tenancy legislation, with the first step being the appointment of the Rental Housing Task Force. We believe our proposals support and are consistent with his objective and with the Task Force’s report and recommendations. 

We look forward optimistically to our joint recommendations being implemented!

The Joint Submission sent to Selena Robinson, BC Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Here is a summary of the issues we jointly addressed:

  1. Tenancy Agreement Assignments: New rental rates, "Reasonable" repairs.
  2. Resident Selection: Allows the Landlord to interview new tenants.
  3. Proportional Amount of Rent Increases: Changes to the use and wording of the form.
  4. Park Rules taking precedent over Tenancy Agreements: Park Rules versus Tenancy Agreements.
  5. Additional Rent Increase – Repairs or Renovations: Define length of "Payback" terms
  6. Additional Rent Increase – Below Market Rents: Spread over 4 years.
  7. Allowable Rent Increase Formula: Work together to determine a new calculation formula.

Click HERE to view the submission in it's entirety, including the wording we would like in the Act.

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